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“Gold Again” a project born purely out of love of spraying things gold and the passion of working with other people. A Kickstarted project that still seeks of support to actually make it Gold Again. The concept behind the project was to raise awareness of the misuse of empty spaces through art. Which would be achieved through spraying an entire abandoned space in gold and transforming it to a gallery and workshop space for a week. If you think this idea is brilliant let The Gold Team know, we still seeking support.

Logo © David Gaskell
Photography © Bonnie Rowntree
Curation © Greta Medelyte

“S**t we don’t need but still love” is a self initiated collaborative typographic installation project. It demonstrates the connection between people and material objects that can be interpreted as unnecessary or be seen as valuable memories. A set of posters have been exhibited in Mrs. Athas coffee shop, located in Leeds.

© Greta Medelyte & Mike Williams

“Print Manual” was a college brief that was taken further by applying my love for installations to create an intro cover image for each chapter of the book.

Art Direction © Greta Medelyte
Photography © Holly Peel

Greta M. Madline was born and raised in small Lithuanian town. She developed an interest in the arts and music. After graduating from a local High-School however failing her final year in the Art School. Regardless of failure, Greta was determined to do her foundation in Central St. Martins in London and kick start her career within the creative industry.

"I never asked for permission to become creative, it just happened. No art school would have been able to dictate whom I'm not gonna be. So the moment I failed my final year in my local art school and was asked to repeat it - I refused. I decided to go for arts anyway and make my own way as it was what I loved doing and I could not imagine different. In the same year I made a portfolio that seemed true to me without any help from teachers and applied for a foundation in Central St. Martins - I got in." 

After finishing Central St. Martins foundation year, she applied to Leeds College of Art where she currently is finishing her third year in (BA) Graphic Design.

"I have learned so much in college and Leeds has really grown on me, I have never felt more at home. I have made great friends and hope to continue doing so. Obviously this is 'the next step' - graduation is coming soon and I continue to be determined to make my own way and hopefully next year is going to be a new and exciting start not only for me but for the people that have traveled a similar path too." 

"If you ever consider asking me where I get my inspiration from. Well, I can only think of one name - Greta Madline. We have been friends for sixteen years now. I truly accept the fact that I would be no one (and probably nowhere) without her. She is the imagination, the passion, the magician and an amazing friend. Greta has a neverending fantasy that cannot be hold down no matter what it might be – a dream, feeling, story, person, project etc. – she is always ready and full of ideas how to make it visual. Looking through her work I finally understand that she has EVERYTHING it takes to become a real artist: talent, emotions, ideas, colors, intuition, knowledge and the little psycho in her soul which makes her crazy-enough to succeed. I love her and the world will love her too." 
                                                                                                                                  - Elze Vareikyte

Tamarillo, Adopt a Band and Suzanne.

Greta & Suzanne have formed a strong colaborative realtionship trough their third year in Graphic Design. Both highly interested in music they have kicked off a new project “Adopt A Band” where they are trying to out reach musicians in need of designers. Tamarillo was the first band that the two got to work with and are still continuing their colaborative friendship. They have also have done a personal flag taht was set by Dr. Me Studio and exhibited at Islington Mill. This collaboration now is growing to become a studio, add Lizzi Tyrer and Mike Williams. 

Create and edit a movie about something you are passionate about” The Kennedys task.
Concept proposal video for LCA End of Year Show “Out with A Bang”

© Lizzi Tyrer, Mike Williams, Suzanne Moore and Greta Medelyte

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© Greta M. Madline